Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Nouns are the names of things, persons, places.There are four kinds of nouns.Examples are common nouns,proper nouns,collective nouns and abstract nouns.
Common Nouns
Common Nouns are the names which are common to, or shared by, a large class of things, persons, and many more.For examples are table, city, boy, street, cat, tiger, pen.
Proper Nouns
Proper Nouns are the names of particular things, places, persons.The word ‘proper’ here means ‘own’ or ‘belongong to’.A Proper Noun is one which belongs to one thing, person, and to no other.Proper Nouns always begin with a capital letter.Examples of Proper Nouns are John, Mary, Mr.Nandy, Malacca, Singapore, Malaysia, Robinson Road.
Collective Nouns
A collective noun is the name of a number (or collection) of persons or things taken together as one thing, such as family, crowd, team, class, an army.
Abstract Nouns
Abstract Nouns are the names of qualities, actions, abilities, states, and feelings.They are things that we cannot see or touch,but can only feel or think of.Examples of Absract Nouns are goodness, sweetness, anger, beauty, happines.

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