Tuesday, 10 July 2012


An adverb is a word that extends the meaning and narrows the application of any part of speech except a Nouns or Pronoun.Examples:
      1.            With verb             : I much admire his industry.
      2.            With adjective     : He is deservedly successful.
      3.            With preposition : The body floated partly above and partly above and partly below
        The water.
      4.            With conjunction   : He was despired, merely because he was poor.
In the examples:
1) the Verb “admire” is qualified by the Adverb “much”.
 2) the adjective “successful” is qualified by the Adverb “desevedly”.
 3) the Preposition “above” is qualified by the Adverb “partly” ; and the preposition “below” by the same Adverb.

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