Tuesday, 10 July 2012


A conjunction is a word used for showing in what relation one notion to another notion, or one thought to another thought.
Take such examples as the following:
1)      He is a humble minded and contected man.
2)      We admire the character of a poor, but honest, man.
3)      That man is disliked, because he is ill-tempered.

In the examples:
  1) the notion of humility expressed by “humble minded” is connected (in the sense of
addition) with the notion of contentment expressed by “contented”.The one notion is
simply added to the other.The Conjunction used for this purpose is “and”.

2) the notion of poverty expressed by “poor” is connected with the notion of honestly
expressed by “honest”.The one notion is contrasted with the other.The conjunction used
for this sentence is put.

3) the thought expresses by the sentence “he is ill-tempered” is connected (in the sense of
cause or reason) with the thought expressed by the sentence “that man is disliked”.The
one thought is given as the reason for the other.

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